Did you know? MS Forms attachments are stored in your OneDrive

Hi Friends!?
Did you know that now that MS Forms offers you the ability for your users to upload attachments on your form, the attachments that your form fillers upload are actually stored in your OneDrive.

Here is a sample for to demonstrate:

Why this is great? This means that you can keep track of your forms and even run cloud flows on your attachments once they're in your OneDrive.

The first time you add an attachment field to your form, MS Forms will alert you to where they'll be stored:

ms forms


Once your fields are added to the form, a new "Apps" folder will be added to your OneDrive automagically?. Within the Apps folder you will also find sub-folders for Microsoft Forms and further sub-folders organised by the form name and the folder names for fields in your form:


Enjoy using MS Forms attachments!